In 3 words: Total Facility Management
and this reflects the entire range of our commitments and services!

We are pioneers in implementing quality integrated services for large buildings, paying equal at-tention to smaller-scale projects.

Choose IOS to improve the quality of life in the building where you spend your most productive time.

We can transform your environment into a more beautiful and more creative world!
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A solution for every problem and constant care for all your needs!

Technical Support

IOS’ highly trained technical staff is ready to work with you on any issue: from the construction of any E/M project to the repair, maintenance and technical support of your business facilities. We regularly maintain facilities in accordance with the requirements of the International Regulations and ISO standards in High, Medium and Low Voltage Substations of Industries, Buildings, and we take care of the maintenance of Power Generating Sets, UPSs and Air Conditioning Units.

Our long experience guarantees that we are always in a position to assess the state of the build-ings and technical facilities as well as their maintenance.
Do you want to keep your assets in top condition by using the most efficient maintenance system? The solutions we offer represent the most economical choices, simply because they withstand the test of time.
We care about you and your business, treating every problem in depth and not superficially.

Maintenance of Electromechanical installations

  • - Electrical Installations
  • - Medium Voltage Substations
  • - Low Voltage Electrical Installation
  • - 220 V Uninterrupted Electrical Installation
  • - Remedial Systems
  • - INVERTER Systems
  • - Batteries
  • - UPS Systems
  • - Fire Detection Systems - Fire Extinguishing & Fire Fighting Systems
  • - Water Heating Systems
  • - Earthing Systems
  • - Lightning Protection-Maintenance of Building Facilities
  • - Plumbing Installations
  • - Repair - Maintenance of pumps & wells
  • - Drains
  • - Building works
  • - Lifts
  • - Burners (oil - natural gas)

Power Generating Sets

  • - Cleaning, detailed control of its measurements and replacement of problematic parts
  • - Check with thermal imaging to identify potential future damage
  • - Cleaning of the water cooler with special chemical fluids
  • - Fuel test with a special fuel analyser
  • - General maintenance of the diesel engine
  • - Check of the generator and measurement of the resistance of windings
  • - Check of boards, restoration of problematic parts
  • - Check and restoration of the exhaust system
  • - Check and restoration of the anti-vibration insulators
  • - Check of the electrical wiring
  • - Progressive load testing of the Generating Set

To all your requests, we answer:
“Yes, we can!”

Cleaning and Pest Control

Maintenance – Routine cleaning

We provide scheduled daily tasks, designed to maintain an excellent level of cleanliness.

Start-up Cleaning

We take care of all cleaning work before you move in. We have special machinery, materials, equipment and skilled personnel to prepare the space, so that you can focus on achieving your goals. Our services include the cleaning of frames and floors with special machinery. We remove solid waste from renovations or other construction work. We strictly adhere to the agreed timeta-ble, always respecting the facilities and their construction materials.

Cleaning of window glass and other façade surface of the building

We work according to the project’s needs and the costing of the installation. . We can also provide all required personal hygiene material and such equipment to reduce con-sumption and control costs. We save you time and money.

Waste management

We have a waste management program in accordance with the environmental management certi-fication guidelines. We are environmentally aware and this is shown in every move.

Disinfection – Pest Control

We undertake the provision of services for the decontamination and disinfestation of your work-ing environment and other commercial premises. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to car-ry out all disinfection and Pest control operations. Adhering to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, we can successfully rid you of “unwanted visitors”.

Because beauty makes our world better!

Landscaping Maintenance and Surroundings

Your home is the mirror of your soul; your second home, your workspace, is the mirror of your personality. Dozens of surveys stress that employees are much more creative and efficient when working in a beautiful outdoor and indoor environment. A clutter-free space also promotes your company’s image to visitors. A building with well-kept surroundings provides a great first impres-sion to any visitor. And first impressions matter!

We therefore undertake the creation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor gardens. We design and maintain these areas to look beautiful, healthy and cared for at all times. Our gardening ser-vices include building entrances, patios, terraces and interior decorations.

We also provide landscaping services for sports facilities and leisure areas (e.g. Markopoulo Eques-trian Centre, Badminton court surroundings, etc.)

At IOS, we are well aware that time is money and we offer services to make your life easier and more functional.

Consulting and other Services

Administration support services

Thanks to the full range of corporate services we offer, you gain better control over the cost of running your business, making your work easier. In other words, we give you freedom of move-ment to focus undisturbed on developing your company without having to deal with individual problems.

- Services relating to document receiving, dispatching and internal distribution services
- Secretarial support services
- Internal moving services

Catering services

(organisation and operation of catering services in a permanent space or on a case-by-case basis, e.g. for events)

Food is one of the greatest pleasures of life. A good meal is a thing to remember, makes your day and helps the conversation flow.
Knowing this, in cooperation with a leading catering company, IOS provides great culinary offerings to its customers. The products we select are of high quality, with fresh Greek ingredients, as we collaborate with local suppliers. The care we provide in every step is shown on your plate.

Our meals are prepared with creativity and passion to meet the highest standards. Thus, both your visitors and your staff have the opportunity to eat properly and enjoy quality flavours.

Guarding & Security Services


In cooperation with specialised companies, we serve a wide range of clients in various industries and categories. Our security services are tailored to the needs of each customer and cover needs such as:

- On-site guarding
- Patrolling
- Electronic security

IOS has the experience and know-how to become your trusted guardian angel: specially trained men and women are in constant contact with a monitoring centre, using the most advanced tech-nology to make you feel safer than ever. Just put your trust in us and enjoy the relaxed sense of being protected.

The savings we achieve benefit both your pocket and the environment!

Energy saving

IOS specialises in implementing advanced technological solutions, resulting in a reduction in the cost of energy consumption and, more generally, of facility maintenance.

In order to significantly improve operation, power quality and overall energy efficiency, a special-ised team of engineers and scientific associates proceeds to record the energy footprint of each facility.

We implement combined solutions perfectly adapted to each facility, designing and implementing key interventions in electromechanical equipment.

We provide consulting services and automated control systems to substantially reduce energy consumption by electromechanical systems, which are the major factors in total energy costs.

With optimisation services and innovative high-performance technical solutions, we manage to reduce energy consumption, contributing to improving your business’ environmental profile.

With preventive maintenance

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